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A Friend in Need is the seventh map of the Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun campaign in Age of Empires. The Yamato (blue) must defend their allies in Hyuga (yellow, Choson) and defeat the Kyushu (red, Choson).

Scenario Instructions Edit

The Kyushu have revolted from the Yamato confederation and have turned against the Hyuga, one of our vassal groups to their south. If the Hyuga fall, we lose control of the entire island and reconquest will be a difficult task. Aid our Hyuga vassals in any way possible and destroy the nearby Kyushu town to remove further threats.

Objectives Edit

  • Protect the Hyuga town.
  • Destroy Kyushu town.

Strategy Edit

You start the game with some Short Swordsmen, Composite Bowmen and Cavalry. The enemy is in you ally's town, so send your forces north to help them, while you build up your town.

There are some gold mines at the center of the map, protected by enemy towers. Make sure you gather that gold before the Kyushu have a chance to take it.

Horse Archers and Stone Throwers are good units for your attack. The enemy towers have a longer range than your Stone Throwers, so if you want to destroy them, heal your siege units while they attack the tower - repairing and rebuilding towers cost stone, while healing is free.

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