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A wonder of the World is the eleventh mission in the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign. This map is meant to introduce the concept of Wonders to the player.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

The Pharaoh has decreed that a great monument be built to celebrate our recent victories over the Libyans. This monument gives most of the credit to the pharaoh, of course, but he cannot help with the construction costs or raw materials at this time. You are required to build this monument at your expenses. Gather the materials where you can. The Minoans are friendly and may be of help through trade. Beware the Canaanites who may try to undermine such trade.



Since the only way to gather the required gold is through trade, a strong navy is essential. There is plenty of Wood near your base, and an island at the eastern edge of the map has Stone Mines. Farm, hunt and fish until you have enough Food to reach the next Age, and start building the wonder.

Don't waste time attacking the red base to the west; they're well fortified, and you don't need to defeat them to win.

If you are bent on destroying the red base to the west and then mining the gold there (so as to end the game even faster), building a moderate size navy would suffice. Destroying the red base instead of trading for gold also has another advantage, which is not having to keep watching out for attacks from the red base and no needs of building an army to protect your base. The disadvantage is that you have to be very fast in building up your navy at the start of the game, or your base may be easily overrun.

Upgrade to War Galley and build at least six or more of them, build a Light Transport and prepare two villagers. Ferry your villagers to the small island beside the red base for the purpose of repairing your War Galleys. Escort them with your War Galleys.

Use your War Galleys to take out all the enemy ships, watchtowers and then finally the docks. Docks are last because watchtowers and enemy ships can attack your ships, but docks can't. Although they can produce enemy ships, there will be a short delay. Be sure to take out all the enemy repairmen or your attacks will be in vain. Constantly check and send your damaged ships for repair at the nearby island where your two villagers are, so as to minimize your losses. While attacking, prepare a couple of spare War Galleys to replace any casualties. You will encounter only a couple of priests and stone throwers, so be sure to take them out the moment you see them.

After all the watchtowers and docks are destroyed, the rest are swift and easy pickings.

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