Agincourt is a campaign map in the Battles of the Conquerors. You play as the British troops of Henry V (red), trying to get back home after a failed invasion of France.



  • King Henry V must survive.

Appearing laterEdit

  • Acquire a Transport Ship in order to send Henry V home to England.
  • OPTIONAL: Destroy the University in Voyeni (green) to recover and learn from the great texts stored there.
  • OPTIONAL: Destroy the Blacksmith in Amiens (cyan) to recover armor and weapons.
  • OPTIONAL: Break through the enclosure around the French Knights' trebuchet and capture it for the English.


You start outside the French city of Harfleur, with a few dozen soldiers (mainly Longbowmen), a few monks, two Battering Rams, and no villagers. Retreat; Frankish knights are about to emerge from the city, and killing them won't give you anything, but you might lose soldiers. Your mission is to get to the Docks in the north, to steal a transport ship, but the bridge there has been destroyed.

Destroy the gate to Voyeni, and send your troops through to use their bridge. On the way, destroy the University to gain Chemistry (increasing archer damage). There is another way to cross the river, but it involves getting past a castle, which is best avoided.

Once you're across the river, there are two paths you can take. You can go north, to fight a large group of Frankish knights, but you can also go south, to invade Amiens and steal some Blacksmith upgrades before going north to fight the knights. If you can get the upgrades without losing units in the process, they're quite useful.

The battle against the knights is the hardest on the map, but can be made easier if you send your infantry and cavalry in first, to soak up damage while the archers fire. Keep your monks nearby to heal, and if any knights charge at your longbowmen, always fire on the closest one. Feel free to send Henry V in, but don't lose him.

Once the knights are dead, you see a trebuchet behind some palisade walls. Don't fire at it; you can acquire it by destroying the wall and placing a soldier next to it, and it's better if you don't damage it first.

Destroy the towers and the castle with your siege weapons, and make your way to the dock. Place a unit next to the transport ship to capture it, and send Henry V across the channel to England.

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