Name Alligator King
Amount of Food 100
Hit Points 100
number of hunters
Not recommended

Alligator Kings are exclusive to Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome and are a stronger version of an Alligator with much more hit points, dealt more attack per strike and have faster speed than an ordinary alligator. The rate which the meat deteriorates is much less than an ordinary alligator, as with all "animal kings." Alligator Kings can be summoned in ordinary games only when GRANTLINKSPENCE is typed into the chat box. Alligator Kings are also available in the Campaign mode of the game and are also available in the Scenario Editor.


Alligator Kings are much faster than ordinary infantry and can deal as much as 25 damage per strike. Since a villager can be eliminated in one hit, Alligator Kings provide a negative income of food even if it is outnumbered by 10 to 1. If this creature is encountered within the vicinity of your civilization, it is best to leave these creatures alone and have elite ranged units attack it instead.

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