Age AvailableCastle Age
Cost 450 Food,
250 Gold
StatsHuskarls can be trained at Barracks
Available ToGoths

Anarchy is a technology unique to the Goths that can be researched at the Castle in the Castle Age. Once researched, this technology will allow Huskarls to be trained at the Barracks. Researching Anarchy is recommended for Goth players, as Barracks are cheaper and quicker to build than Castles thus allowing for quickly established forward bases for Huskarl creation. When coupled with Perfusion (the other unique Goth technology), Goth players can build several Barracks around an enemy base in order to quickly produce intimidating armies of Huskarl units.


The Goth tribal system worked well for a society that seemed always on the move, fighting here and settling there, but never for long in either case. Their flexibility meant they could appear suddenly and without warning, and vanish just as quickly. Their armies were never the best equipped because they lacked any permanent industry, but no one felt safe if they were even rumored to be on the move.

Unique Technologies (Age of Empires II)

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