Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost200 Wood,
300 Gold
StatsBuildings +10% HP; +1 armor; +1 pierce armor; +3 building armor
Available ToSee table

Architecture is a technology in Age of Empires II that is researched at the University in the Imperial Age. As an upgrade of Masonry and providing the same effects, this technology strengthens buildings further by providing +10% Hit Points, +1 armor, +1 pierce armor and +3 building armor. Combined with Masonry, buildings will have a total increase of +20% HP, +2 armor, +2 pierce armor and +6 building armor.

Technology availability
Available Unavailable

The Byzantines have building hit point bonuses that increases with each age, negating the fact they cannot research either Masonry or Architecture.

History Edit

The rebirth of masonry allowed the architecture of the Middle Ages to advance as well. New techniques for vaulting and support made possible the great cathedrals that stand as icons for this age. The famous architectural feature of this age was the flying buttress. This new element shifted part of the great weight of a cathedral’s roof onto supports outside the walls, allowing great airy vaults to open over the center of the church. Massive load-bearing pillars left long open spaces between which beautiful stained glass windows could be placed.

Building Technologies

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