Armored Elephant
Armoured Elephant
AgeIron Age
Trained atStable
Cost 170 Food,
40 Gold
Upgraded FromWar Elephant

The Armored Elephant is an upgraded version of the War Elephant in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. It does additional siege damage to buildings and defensive structures. "Impregnable" walls can be taken down in seconds by this powerful unit and no extra towers or walls will help at all. The unit starts with 600 Hit Points, 18 attack, 2 armor, 1 pierce armor and does trample damage to adjacent enemies. They are effective against infantry and cavalry but extremely vulnerable to conversions and other units that can attack at long range. The attack cannot be upgraded and does not benefit from nobility, only the armor can be improved. To build this unit  iron shield must be researched which means only a small number of civilizations have the ability to train this unit. If played as the Persians, the speed of the unit increases by 50%. If played as the Carthaginians, the hit points increases by 25%, from 600 to 750 hit points. If played as the Phoenicians, the cost for each unit decreases by 25%.

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Persian Armored elephants are 50% faster.
  • Carthaginian Armored elephants have 750 hit points instead of 600.
  • Phoenician Armored elephants are 25% cheaper.


Tool Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age


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