The Artificial Intelligence or AI, is the computer orders on how the enemy computer player and some units react in the environments of a game.

The AI in the Age of Empires Series has improved greatly on many aspects since its implementation in Age of Empires. But the AI in Age of Empires III cannot build walls.

AI in Age of Empires IEdit

The AI in AoE and the Rise of Rome Expansion has several notable traits, including:

  • AI will rarely, if ever, build walls.
  • AI will often send their villagers to scout the map early in the game, even if doing so puts their villagers in jeopardy.
  • AI will continue to build villagers/fishing vessels until they have about 30 or so.
  • AI will send their villagers to repair damaged buildings/towers/walls, even if it would be foolish to do so .
  • Later in a game AI will not build storage pits/granaries next to resource sites, but will gather resources from miles away.
  • AI do not hunt elephants.
  • AI will generally train a few specific types of units, and rarely have a diverse army.
  • Once AI military units are attacking a target (such as a building), they will never stop attacking it for any reason unless directly threatened.
  • AI will sometimes use military units that are outdated, for instance, they may use clubmen in the iron age
  • AI will build their army based on their civilization's strengths, for example, an AI who is the Choson civilization may train only swordsmen.
  • In the Rise of Rome expansion, the AI seem to like training slingers regardless of their civilization and age, perhaps because of their ability to inflict full damage against buildings and towers. 
  • AI will never attack with their villagers unless one of the following circumstances occurs:
    • They are attacked early in the game, such as in the Stone or early Tool Age.
    • Their civilization is being crushed and defeat seems imminent.

In these circumstances the AI will send all of their villagers to attack the threat.

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