Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
  • The Assyrians are a good civilization for early rushes since their villager bonus allows them to scout the area faster than other civilizations.
  • The Assyrians can begin to flex their muscles as soon as they hit the Tool Age and build an Archery Range.
  • Their fast villagers allow to get ahead of other civilizations, both in research and resource gathering, so you can try to be the first to make it to a subsequent age, build a small army, and strike while you have a technology advantage.
  • The Assyrians also have excellent archers and will make up a large part of your army. It's not a bad idea to get a small group of archers together immediately after you get to the Tool Age and build an archery range.
    • Use them to harass and slow your enemy's resource gathering, picking off villagers and retreating when they come under fire.
    • With their fire rate increased, a large amount of them can wipe out an entire village within minutes. This makes the Assyrians an excellent choice in small land maps.
    • Don't depend entirely on your archers - you'll still need a varied army.
  • In major battles, use infantry to engage enemy troops, so your archers can stay behind and fire their arrows.
  • The speed advantage of your villagers will be blunted in a long game. Other civilizations will be able to field a more technologically advanced Iron Age force given time.
  • Don't hedge your bets on controlling the seas either.

Strengths Edit

  • Units produced by the archery-range building fire 40 percent faster.
  • Their villagers move 30 percent faster.
  • Excellent choice in Random Map mode of the game.
  • Most powerful from Stone Age to Bronze Age.
  • Excellent for rushes or blitzkrieg.
  • Best if used for hit and run attacks.

Weaknesses Edit

  • A lot of the Iron Age units and research items are closed to them.
  • They cannot build centurions or the phalanx, and the only Iron Age vessel they can produce is the trireme.
  • They also don't get any elephant units.
  • They do not have the ability to train improved bowmen, the composite bowman and the heavy horse archer.
  • Not as powerful in the Iron Age.
  • Lack elite units with a lot of hit points.
  • Ineffective against heavily fortified areas, especially Ballista Towers.
  • Not a very good choice in Death Matches, unless if an early rush is used.
  • One of the Assyrians major weaknesses are the siege weapons, especially the Heavy Catapult and the helepolis (with engineering).

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