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Attila the Hun (?-453 A.D) is the first campaign of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. The campaign is based its namesake's conquests of the Roman Empire, the establishment of the Hunnic Empire and his death.


Scourge of God Edit

Attila's brother, Bleda the Hun, betrays his brother while out on a Boar hunt, Attila must kill Bleda, allow the boar to do the same, or at least escape the Hun base and start up his own civilization from scratch. To win, you defeat any two of the opponents of the map: Scythians (green), Persians (red) and Western Roman Empire (blue). The Scythians will form an alliance with you if you free their prince from the Roman Camp and then deliver them 10 horses.

The Great Ride Edit

Attila's army consisting of Tarkans and Cavalry Archers must collect loot from the six towns and villages around the map by destroying spesific buildings. These are: Sofia (red, grants Food), Dyrrhachium (cyan, grants soldiers), Thessaloniki (purple, grants villagers, destroy all houses to get some purple villagers), Naissus (green, grants Wood), Scythians (orange, grants petard and trained wolves) and Adrianople (grey, grants Gold and Stone). After that, you defeat the Eastern Roman Empire's (blue) fort in the east. Unlike the other villages, which require conquest, the Scythians will again lend you their support in exchange for six villagers.

Walls of Constantinople Edit

Attila's army must collect 10 000 Gold tribute from the Romans. He does this by threatening the Roman cities of Constantinople (blue), Marcianopolis (red) and Philipopolis (green). Attacking buildings such as Markets and Docks is the easiest way to earn Gold, although complete destruction of a city will earn even more.This can also be done by collecting relics scattered around, trading with docks (Marcianopolis is fairly weak but with a dock), or mining the gold mines south of Constantinople.

Note: This is the only level where the Romans Team don't appear.

A Barbarian Betrothal Edit

Attila must defeat the three opponents Burgundy (purple), Orleans (cyan) and Metz (red). It is possible to intimidate Burgundy into forming an alliance with you by destroying their Town Center, tributing them 500 gold and building them a castle under 10 minutes. Instead of destroying their Town Center, you can also just wait - they will make the same offer.

Once your enemies have been defeated, the Western Roman Empire will attack. The army spawns on the left side of the map, and strategically placing walls, towers and castles before they arrive will decimate their forces, as they have no siege weapons.

Catalaunian Fields Edit

Attila the Hun must defeat his three opponents: Western Roman Empire (blue), Alans (cyan) and Visigoths (green), while protecting your allies, the Ostrogoths (red). Franks (gray) also appear on the map, but have no villagers and few soldiers.

Fall of Rome Edit

Attila must defeat the walled cities in Northern Italy, (Milan, Padua, Aquileia and Verona) and then personally proceed with Attila to the now skeleton of the former Western Roman Empire to have a word with the pope.

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