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Baby Prez
AgeStone Age
Trained atTown Center
TypeCheat Unit
Baby Prez is a cheat unit available in Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome expansion. The unit is an infant mounted on a tricycle with a large mini-gun, hence the name. It is able to fire around 4X a second, virtually making every unit in the game turn to dust. The only way to spawn this unit is through a special cheat code.

To obtain this unit, one must type "POW" into the chatbox. The unit spawns at the most recently built Town Center.


Just like any other cheat unit, the Baby Prez is an overpowered version of an ordinary unit, being capable of eliminating even the strongest unit in the game. Although practically invincible, keep in mind that the unit is still vulnerable to enemy Conversion and large armies.


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