The Ballista is a ranged siege weapon featured in Age of Empires and in Age of Mythology.

Age of EmpiresEdit

AgeIron Age
Trained atSiege Workshop
TypeSiege Unit
Cost100 Wood,
80 Gold
The Ballista has a strong attack and fires 2X faster than stone throwers (and their successors), but is very fragile and should be supplemented with non-seige weapons when sent to military combat. The Ballista, like other siege weapons, can be built at the siege workshop. This ranged weapon can be upgraded into the Helepolis during the Iron Age.

The ballista, while less powerful than even the Stone Thrower, is more effective against units, having a faster moving shot, and a faster firing rate as well, which makes them a good counter to Infantry and Priests.


Civilization BonusesEdit


Age of MythologyEdit

Civilization Norse
Age/God Mythic Age
Unit Type Siege Unit
Cost 150 Wood
150 Gold
Population 3
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
- 9 4
Range 4-30 meters
Hit Points 85
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
20% 80% 90%
Speed 2.4 meters/second
Line of Sight 40 meters
Train at Hill Fort
Train Time seconds

The Ballista is a Mythic Age Norse siege weapon. It is capable of taking on both units and buildings. It fires several bolts which damage multiple units at a time and deals a fairly large amount of damage. It isn't as effective as taking down buildings, but in groups it can destroy them fairly quickly. They have a minimum range, so they should be escorted with Cavalry or Infantry to protect it from units that get too close.


Siege weapons can destroy buildings, but are weak against other units, especially cavalry. Ballistas can be used by the Norse to defeat ships.

The Ballista was another type of pre-gunpowder era artillery, mainly used against men in formation. It was a large bow mounted sideways. It used a winch and ratchet to create bow tension. The missle was usually a large metal, ot metal-headed, bolt. Fired into a mass of men at ranges up to 1000 feet, bolts could disable several enemies. Ballistas could be placed on fixed mounts on walls or ships, or mobile-wheeled mounts for battlefield use. They were not particularly effective against fortified buildings and walls.

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