For the technology in Age of Mythology, see Ballista Tower (Research Technology)

The Ballista Tower is a type of defensive structure in Age of Empires, its associated expansion pack, and Age of Mythology.

Age of EmpiresEdit

Ballista Tower
AgeIron Age
Trained atGranary
Cost 150 Stone
Upgraded FromGuard Tower

The Ballista Tower is the upgrade of Guard Tower, that is researched from the Granary once Ballistics is upgraded. Unlike its preceeding towers, the Ballista Tower fires missiles similar to that of the Ballistas, Heleopoli and Trireme. This means that it has a considerably lower rate of fire, but has a much higher amount of Attack Points (20 compared to the Guard Tower's 7). The upgrade is very expensive, but pays off. To build, they cost 150 Stone .

Civilization Bonuses are:

Age of MythologyEdit

Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

The Ballista Tower is a more advanced version of the Guard Tower, available only to the Egyptians.

It can deal more damage against enemies, and is a powerful defense for the Egyptian town.

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