Ballistics is the name of two technologies, one in Age of Empires, the other in Age of Empires II.

Age of Empires Edit

Ballistics File:Ballistics.png
Age AvailableIron Age
BuildingGovernment Center
Cost 200 Food,
50 Gold
StatsMissile weapons and siege units are more accurate

It improves the accuracy of Bowmen, Improved Bowmen, Composite Bowmen, Towers, Ballistas and Helepoli. It can only be researched from the Government Center and is needed to develop the technology that upgrades Guard Towers to Ballista Towers.

The "improved accuracy" works by making an archer/seige unit/warship fire at where a unit is going to be (assuming they continue moving in the same way) rather than where they are. So if an archer tries to fire at a cavalry unit moving in a straight line past him where each shot would ordinarily miss, each shot would hit instead. This is particually useful against the enemy AI.

Age of Empires II Edit

Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost300 Wood,
175 Gold
StatsImproves Missile Unit's accuracy

Like in Age of Empires, Ballistics improves the accuracy of Archers and Towers.

It's important to note that it does not affect the artillery, including Bombard Towers, though an exception to this is that Ballistics does affect Spanish Cannon Galleons.

History Edit

Missile weapons grew increasingly important as the Middle Ages proceeded, culminating in the development of firearms and cannons. Before these innovative weapons there were longbows, crossbows, and a variety of siege engines throwing rocks, spears, and arrows. Practical men studied how these missiles performed in flight and worked to improve velocity and accuracy. This was the science of Ballistics, the study of the motion of projectiles in flight. This experience led to improvements throughout the age as part of the arms race among weapons, armor, fortification, attack, and defense.

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