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Battle of Kadesh is the fifth and last scenario of the Reign of the Hittites campaign in the Age of Empires demo. The Hittites (blue) must defeat the Egyptian forces of Re (red) and Ramesses (yellow).

Scenario Instructions Edit

The feeble-minded leader of the Egyptians, Rameses, has been attempting to hinder the expansion of your glorious people. His futile attempts to deny you territories have never amounted to much, but now the Bedoin claim he seeks to overtake the city of Kadesh, a primitive but important ally of your empire. With advance warning of the Rameses plot, you have secreted a small group into the city where they can organize an army with which to surprise the mongrel Egyptians.

Your infiltrators have had to pose as citizens of Kadesh and were thus forced to leave the accouterments of your Bronze Age civilization behind, lest they be seen in possession of them and alert Egyptian scouts to your presence in the city. They will have to develop these technologies anew to make use of them in Kadesh.

Objectives Edit

  • Build an army and use it to rid the lands around Kadesh of all Egyptian forces.

Strategy Edit

There are two Egyptian towns on this map: Re, which is on the same island as you, and Ramesses, over the sea. Both will have to be defeated.

They start off with more developed towns, so defense should be the first order of business. Building Scout Ships will protect you from the sea, but since the only way into your town is across shallows, they can protect you here, as well. With a few towers, you should have a solid defense.

Since you can't reach the Iron Age, Chariot Archers are the most powerful ranged units available to you. With a few Stone Throwers, you have a solid attacking force.

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