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Battle of Tunes is the third and last scenario of the First Punic War campign in the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome demo. The Carthaginians must demolish the Roman Wonder, while constructing one of their own.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Frustrated by your victories on Sicily, the Romans have landed a sizeable army under the command of the general Regulus on the coast of Africa to attack Carthage itself! Regulus has already established a strong fortress, and is seeking to turn it into a major port city capable of producing enough legions to sack Carthage once and for all. You must survive attacks by Regulus' army and from the Roman navy. Build a Wonder and you will demonstrate Carthage's mastery over the entire Mediterranean.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Roman Wonder.
  • Build your own Wonder in the center of Carthage, inside the blue flags.

Strategy Edit

There are three enemy teams: Regulus (red), Roman (yellow), and Colosseum Defenders (brown), all Romans. Regulus and Romans already have large, defended bases, so your first task should be to defend your town - build some defenses, train a navy to dominate the seas.

To the north, there's a group of Gaia soldiers, ready for you to arrive and take control of them - a large force of Phalanxes, two Catapults and a Heavy Cavalry. This army is large enough to assault the yellow base, and by removing it from the map, you'll ensure that no ships will bother you again. Hunt down the last ships, and when you feel safe, sink your warships - the population they take up, could be used for land units.

Prepare your assault on Regulus' fortress. Armored Elephants do quite a lot of damage, and can level buildings. Some Horse Archers to face Infantry and Priests, and Heavy Cavalry to take out Siege Units, and your army is complete.

When you've found and destroyed the Wonder, build you own.

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