Age of Empires Edit


The Berry Bush or the Forage bush in Age of Empires provides an early source of food primarily during the Stone Age. Each bush yields 150 food. The biggest advantages of these bushes is that unlike animals, which flees whenever a unit approaches it, the bush is fixed to the ground in the entire game, making resource gathering more efficient.

As the game progresses, berry bushes may become rare or even "extinct' in some games. This is where farms come into the picture as they provide more food than the berry itself and can always be replaced whenever a sufficient supply of wood is available.

Age of Empires II Edit

In Age of Empires II, the berry bush, is an early source of Food. It can be very useful to beginning players.

The berry bush is one of many sources of food, including sheep, fish, deer, boar, javalina, and farms. The berry bush occurs in clusters, and there is a cluster near a players starting Town Center.

There are always at least seven other berry bush clusters scattered around the map. Each contains 125 Food . It is a good idea to fish and slay Sheep and Deer before gathering from berry bushes.

Age of Empires III Edit

The Age of Empires III berry bush holds 1000 Food and is harvested by settlers. The berry bush, unlike animals, do not lose food over time due to decay, but they gather slower than animals, so they should be avoided unless you have no other choice. Berry bushes usually come in groups of 2-4, and last a considerable amount of time. They should be used before building mills, except when using advanced mills and land grab Home City Cards.

Age of Mythology Edit

File:AoM Berry.png
The berry bushes in Age of Mythology contain 100 Food , and like in the other games, clusters of them can sometimes be found close to the Town Center. They are a slow, but safe method of gathering food.

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