AgeCastle Age
Trained atCastle
Cost 65 Food,
25 Gold
HP48, 60 (Elite)
Attack9, 14 (Elite)
Armor0, 2 (Elite)
1, 1 (Elite)
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToElite Berserker
Cost to Upgrade1300 Food
550 Gold

The Berserker and its upgrade the Elite Berserker is the unique unit for the Viking civilization that is featured in Age of Empires II.

Overview Edit

The Viking Berserker is a heavy infantry unit that is armed with an axe and shield, and has the unique ability to regenerate health over time. This allows them to last long in combat and makes them effective in pitched battles. Berserkers gain a small attack bonus against enemy buildings. They are vulnerable to archers and heavy cavalry units, such as Paladins. Due to the Viking's infantry bonus, Berserks will have 20% more HP. A normal Berserk will have 56 HP and an Elite Berserk will have 72 HP.

History Edit

Late in the eighth century Viking sea raiders from Scandinavia appeared suddenly in Northern Europe. They raided and plundered coastal communities for the next 150 years. Most of the progress made by Charlemagne in uniting Northern Europe and beginning a rebirth of civilization was erased by the turmoil they caused. The Vikings were known for their great seamanship and ferocity in battle. Witnesses claimed that Viking warriors would occasionally go "berserk" and attack with nearly inhuman zeal, oblivious to all danger. Such behavior was terrifying to behold and very difficult to withstand. The ability to go mad with battle lust was a powerful attribute during a period of widespread superstition.


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