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The Blacksmith is a building in Age of Empires II which researches upgrades to non-siege units and ships. It is first made available during the Feudal Age and should be kept close to the Town Center. The Blacksmith offers upgrades to melee damage, arrow range and damage (under the same upgrade), and infantry, archer and cavalry armor. Blacksmith upgrades can make a big difference in determining the outcome of battles. The availability of top tier upgrades is one of the leading factors in determining what kind of army a civilization should field. It is also prerequisite for constructing a Siege Workshop.


Iron-working technology had been learned by the barbarian tribes of Europe prior to the fall of Rome and was carried forward into the Dark Ages. Iron working was done at the blacksmith, named partially for the black iron worked there and for the black soot that covered the workers each day. At the blacksmith iron was forged and hammered into tools, weapons shields, and armor. The ability to make superior weapons and armor became a highly prized and well-rewarded skill. Blacksmiths, armorers, and weapon makers moved into the rising middle class.

Technologies Edit

Feudal Age

Castle Age

Imperial Age

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