Blitzkrieg ("lightning warfare") is a very effective military strategy devised by German forces during World War II. It is a more advanced version of a "rush strategy" in RTS games and is best used on medium sized or small sized maps. A key difference between Blitzkrieg and an ordinary rush is that this strategy focuses more on advancement of military forces promptly over a very large region instead of mass deploying troops quickly over a certain area. Although it is more effective than ordinary rushing techniques, it is much harder to implement and requires huge amounts of resources. If used properly, this is a very effective strategy to experienced players in the Age of Empires Series.


To execute this strategy, the player must first stockpile large amounts of resources, preferably in the thousands. While the villagers are busy gathering resources, send a few villagers to construct large numbers of military buildings as close to the center of the map as possible. Once the military buildings are fully constructed, the player must devote a large amount of resources to combat by training a large army (preferably cavalry or ranged cavalry). Once the entire army is trained, the player must move the army as fast as possible. As the army reaches the enemy fortification, the player must continue to advance the front without stopping. This strategy works best in 2 player games at smaller maps. If used in longer games, expect major obstacles when working this strategy out with more than two opponents since it is much less effective on larger sized maps.

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