AgeImperial Age
Trained atSiege Workshop
TypeSiege Unit
Cost225 Wood,
225 Gold
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToN/A
The Bombard Cannon is a powerful Siege Unit in Age of Empires II. They appear after the Gunpowder research and are avaliable only to Byzantines, Franks, Goths, Koreans, Persians, Saracens, Spanish, Teutons, and Turks.


Before a Bombard Cannon (or any other Gunpowder Units for that matter) can be created, one must advance to the Imperial Age and research Chemistry from the University. After these two prerequisites have been fulfilled, the Bombard Cannon becomes available to a few civilizations. It is built from the Siege Workshop for 225 Gold and 225 Wood.

Usage Edit

The Bombard Cannon is very powerful. It out-ranges all ranged buildings including Castles and Bombard Towers. It also does not need to unpack in order to attack, giving it a mobility advantage over the Trebuchet. Groups of Bombard Cannons can effectively destroy a town in a matter of minutes, provided that they are adequately protected. Bombard Cannons are weak against most units, particularly Knights. Like most other ranged siege units, bombard cannons have friendly splash damage and must be used with caution.

Comparison with Trebuchet Edit

The Bombard Cannon, Cannon Galleon and Trebuchet are the longest ranged and most expensive siege weapons in the game. The Bombard Cannon is more maneuverable than the Trebuchet, as it does not require the tedious packing and unpacking that are characteristic of trebuchets. However, trebuchets are cheaper (costing 25 less Gold and Wood than Bombard Cannons) and are available for every civilization, unlike Bombard Cannons, which are only available to some civilizations. Trebuchets are also more resilient, especially to ranged attackers.

Comparing their attacks, Bombard Cannons are more accurate and deal splash damage against units, but have shorter range and can damage friendly units. They deal less damage to their targets than trebuchets but fire faster. Overall, bombard cannons are superior to trebuchets in terms of versatility as they are effective against both buildings and units, but the trebuchet's greater range and durability make it better for attacking fortified bases.

History Edit

Gunpowder reached Europe from China by the thirteenth century and primitive cannons appeared first in the fourteenth century. Bombard cannons were large, ponderous, and dangerous to fire because the guns tended to break and because gunpowder was of uneven quality. They were used mainly in sieges where the time was available to set them up and fire them at a fixed target. By the fifteenth century, bombard cannons firing stone or iron shot were making castles obsolete. Cannons could bring down vertical stone walls quickly by firing shot at high velocity directly into the lower wall sections. Giant bombard cannons manned by European mercenaries were instrumental in the Turkish attack that finally captured Constantinople in 1453.


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