Bombard Tower
File:50353 2243587459 5188 n.jpg
AgeImperial Age
Cost 100 Gold,
125 Stone
Upgraded FromFile:Bombard-tower-research.jpg
Bombard Towers are powerful defensive structures in Age of Empires II available in the Imperial Age. They are considered a Gunpowder Unit, so requires Chemistry to be researched from the University beforehand, as well as its own technology which costs 800 Food and 400 Stone thereafter. Each Bombard Tower cost 125 Stone and 100 Gold to build, and can only be built by some civilizations. They are available to the Byzantines, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Spanish, the Teutons, and the Turks.


By the end of the Middle Ages the development of cannon had changed military engineering by making standard castles obsolete. Their high vertical walls were particularly susceptible to direct cannon fire aimed at their base. Millitary engineers responded by building new structures that were less susceptible to cannon fire and by mounting cannon within these structures to augument their defensive positions along coasts, at important river crossings, and at other strategic points. These new bombard towers swept the approaches to harbors and towns, making them more difficult to attack.


Bombard Towers feature very high LOS and hit points, making them effective late game defense tactics. A Bombard Tower also has 120 attack, enough to one-hit-kill any infantry or archer and most siege weapons or severely damage heavy cavalry, but a low rate of fire and projectile speed. However, they can be out-ranged by Trebuchets, Elite Cannon Galleons and Bombard Cannons which are the the only units that can destroy them effectively, along with rams. Like normal towers, Bombard Towers can garrison up to five units. However, garrisoning archers does not increase the attack, like in the case of standard towers. The Teutons make an exception: due their civilization bonus, they can garrison up to 10 archer-like units. A fully occupied Teutonic Bombard Tower with Hand Cannoneers only will shoot two cannon balls at once, to inflict a staggering 240 damage, enough to one-hit-kill almost any unit in the game.


  • Before Patch 1.0b Rams did not work well against Bombard Towers because its attack was counted as melee damage. With the patch the attack has been changed to pierce. Hence Rams are now effective against Bombard Towers, because they sustain only one damage per cannon ball.
  • Since both the Aztecs and the Mayans possess the same architectural style and cannot build bombard towers, there are no illustrations of central American bombard towers in the game. There is a glitch where placing a bombard tower in the scenario editor will display the tower in eastern European architecture. The game will either never load or crash completely.

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