Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost 300 Food,
200 Gold
StatsArcher, Castle, and boat attack +1
Bracer is a technology that can be researched at the Blacksmith in Age of Empires II. Once researched, this technology increases Archer, Castle, Tower and ship attack and range by +1.

The Bracer Technology is available for all civilizations exept the Celts, Franks, Teutons and Persians.

History Edit

The bracer was a hard leather guard worn on an archer’s forward hand. This improvement had the duel advantage of supporting the wrist, which would grow quite weary after many shots, and protecting the inside of the arm from the fletching of launched arrows. Without protection, the arm could be cut over the course of many shots and weaken the archer to the point of taking him out of combat. The bracer was an important improvement for archers that made them more effective.

Missile / Siege Technologies
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