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The Britons are a Western European civilization in Age of Empires II. They represent the English during the High Middle Ages.


The Britons main advantages are in their ranged units as they arguably have the finest foot archers. Their many innate advantages allow their archers to be built faster and have a further range than most and their unique unit, the Longbowman, is the only foot archer that can outrange a castle. They also have access to all infantry technologies which can provide protection for their archers against enemy units that get too close. However they have weaker cavalry and siege weapons as they are missing several upgrades for both units.

The Britons also show in the single player campaigns several times. They are the main opponents in the William Wallace and Joan of Arc campaigns. They also make brief appearances in the Barbarossa and Saladin campaigns.

Unique Unit: Longbowman (Long-ranged foot archer)

Unique Technology: Yeomen (Increased range for foot archers, increased attack for towers)

Civilization BonusesEdit

In-game dialogue language Edit

The language spoken by the Briton units is presumably, a variant of Old English, an ancient form of the English language. The monks speak Latin like the Byzantines.

  • Yea? (yes?)
  • Eos
  • Mandatum? (order)
  • Ready
  • Greetin
  • Correctus (right)
  • Ic wile ( I will)
  • Chopper
  • Gatherer
  • Hunter
  • fisk (fish)
  • firm (farm)
  • Dic (trench)
  • builden
  • estorer (restorer)
  • fight!
  • battal! (battle!)

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