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Bronze Age Art of War is the only scenario in the Armies at War, a Combat Showcase campaign in the Age of Empires demo. The player starts off with an army of Egyptian soldiers, and assaults the Greek town.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Lead your hoarde of Egyptian soldiers in an all out assault against the Greek juggernaught. Survive the first wave of their defenders and you might have something left to use in crushing their city across the river.

Objectives Edit

Strategy Edit

You start off with four large groups of soldiers, made up of Cavalry, Chariots, Chariot Archers, Composite Bowmen, Long Swordsmen, Short Swordsmen, Stone Throwers, and Priests. The enemy armies are scattered, and can be easily avoided if you don't want to fight them. The largest problem on this map, will be making sure that the Stone Throwers doesn't massacre your own army - keep them far behind the rest of the troops, so they won't be tempted to shoot.

Gather your forces in one spot, and head to the northern shore. You start off with a few ships, so send your War Galleys in to clear out enemy ships, and then use your transports to get your units across.

The Government Center is at the northern-most point of the map.

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