AgeCastle Age
Trained atStable
Cost 55 Food,
60 Gold
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToHeavy Camel
Cost to Upgrade325 Food
360 Gold

"Excels at killing other mounted units." - Age of Empires II Description

The Camel is a Cavalry unit that is good against cavalry.


The Camel is the first mounted anti-Cavalry unit available in the game. For reduced effectiveness, higher cost and less adaptability compared to Spearmen, the Camel is a faster and therefore more agile anti-Cavalry unit. Camels will annihilate most hostile Cavalry, their bonus against Cavalry tripling a weak base damage. Unfortunately, this weak base damage make them ineffective against anything else. They are available only to the Byzantines, Chinese, Mongols, Persians, Saracens, and Turks. The Heavy Camel upgrade in the Imperial Age gives a total bonus of +18 to deal with Elite Cavalry.

Tactics Edit

The Camel has an attack bonus of +10 against horse-cavalry/elephants and +9 against other camels (+5 in Conquerors). Cavalry can more easily escape from Spearmen, Pikemen and Halberdiers than they can from Camels, at the cost of higher food and gold costs. Using Camels against civilizations that revolve around cavalry units, such as Franks, Saracens, Persians, and Mongols often lend great results. Upgrading to Heavy Camel in the Imperial Age helps them keep pace.

Camels are best used only against melee cavalry or to ambush groups of cavalry archers. They are at a disadvantage against Infantry, Archers, and of course, Spearmen, Pikemen, and Halberdiers. They also lose their bonus against the resilient Cataphract, which has a defense against cavalry attack bonuses. The Cataphract's bonus defense is very high, at 16; the Heavy Camel upgrade's bonus against cavalry of 18 is reduced to two, and the Cataphract negates entirely the cavalry bonuses of Camels (10) and Mamelukes (9, or 12 at Elite). It even halves Halberdier's immense 32 bonus damage.

The Conquerors ChangesEdit

Camels gain 0.05 speed and gain 5 damage against other Camels (but no longer count as cavalry, resulting in a net loss of 4 damage against Camels).


  • The Far Eastern civilizations of the Mongols and the Chinese would have been as likely to domesticate the lesser known of the two species of camel, the Bactrian (two hump) Camel, native to the steppes of Central Asia, as the familiar Middle Eastern Dromedary; both would have been introduced by Silk Road traders.
  • Camels are the only military unit that does not make the usual military sound when created, not counting Trebuchets.
  • Camels are treated as ships by the game and therefore receive bonus damage from towers and the heated shot upgrade.

History Edit

"The Camel was a useful mount for warriors in desert regions of the world because it could move quickly across sand and could go long periods without water. In addition, horses shied away from the presence of camels. The Saracens made good use of camels during the Crusades; camel riders appeared out of the desert to raid Crusader outposts and caravans and then escaped back into terrain that horses could not cross."

Unit Evolution: Camel

Camel --> Heavy Camel


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