Camel Rider
AgeBronze Age
Trained atStable
Cost 70 Food,
60 Gold
The Camel Rider is a fast anti-cavalry unit that is featured in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. There is a similar cavalry unit in Age of Empires II called the Camel.


Camel Riders receive a +8 attack bonus against Cavalry, Horse Archers and +4 against Chariots, but does not deal bonus damage against infantry. Because of their otherwise weak attack and lack of amor, they are basically only useful against cavalry in the Bronze Age. Beyond the Bronze Age, Camel Riders are no longer the best option as an anti-cavalry unit since a fully upgraded Cataphract can take down a Camel Rider. Thus, the best unit to counter cavalry during Iron Age would be by War Elephants and Centurions.


Tool Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age


The camel was adopted for military use at a very early date, perhaps before the horse in the Middle East. Camels were particularly useful for moving quickly across the desert wastes and favored by small raiding parties. They were also used in battle by desert civilizations such as the Assyrians. The Camel Riders fought with spears and swords. Like light cavalry, they could take part in the pursuit of a beaten army. They were also useful against cavalry because horses were unaccustomed to the camel's odour and often refused to come near them.


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