Cannon Galleon
AgeImperial Age
Trained atDock
TypeNaval Vessel
Cost120 Wood,
75 Gold
Upgraded FromFile:Cannon-galleon-research.jpg
Upgraded ToElite Cannon Galleon
Cost to Upgrade800 Wood
400 Gold
The Cannon Galleon is a ship in Age of Empires II available at the Dock once Imperial Age is reached. As it is a Gunpowder Unit, Chemistry must be researched from the University first. 800 Wood and 400 Gold is also required to build Cannon Galleons. Almost every civilization can create them, the only exceptions being the Aztecs, Maya and Britons. They can be upgraded to Elite Cannon Galleon.


Cannon Galleons have exceptionally long range and deals bonus damage against buildings and defensive structures. They can outrange Castles and Bombard Towers, so they are almost the sea-going equivalent to Bombard Cannons, only being slightly faster. They deal large damage, and bonus damage against ships, but their slow rate of fire makes it weak and ineffective against Galleons and other ships, particularly Fire Ships.

Spanish Cannon Galleons with Ballistics are an exception, as their shots have greater speed and accuracy, but they are still vulnerable at close range. Turkish Cannon Galleons have an additional 2 range if Artillery is researched at the Castle.

History Edit

Primitive cannon were first mounted on ships in the fourteenth century. These were mounted in the stern or bow for firing forward or aft. Small weapons were mounted on the rails for use against enemy crews in close action. The first ship built specifically for carrying cannon appeared in 1406. Effectively mounting a large number of cannons on a ship took many years to work out. It required new designs to compensate for the enormous weight of the guns high on the ship’s sides. Tackle had to be designed to allow the guns to be fired and reloaded safely. Safe procedures were also needed for storing and accessing powder. Useful cannon galleons did not appear until late in the Middle Ages.


  • Cannon Galleons are the only non- unique Gunpowder units that can be upgraded.
  • Britons are the Only Non-Mesoamerican civilization to not have these.
Unit Evolution: Cannon Galleon

Cannon Galleon --> Elite Cannon Galleon


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