Capped Ram
AgeImperial Age
Trained atSiege Workshop
TypeSiege Weapon
Cost160 Wood,
75 Gold
Attack3 (126 against buildings)
SpeedVery Slow
Upgraded FromBattering Ram
Upgraded ToSiege Ram
Cost to Upgrade1000 Food
The Capped Ram is the improved version of the Battering Ram. The head of the ram has now been capped with a metal head, thus making it stronger against buildings than the previous ram. In Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, Capped Rams have the capacity to hold up to 4 Infantry units, increasing their attack and giving them a speed bonus. The Capped Ram upgrade is essential because it increases the base damage and makes the Ram less vulnerable against enemy attacks. Like other rams, the Capped Ram is good against arrow-shooting towers, buildings and Castle; but is not recommended against Bombard Towers.

Capped Rams deal 126 base damage against buildings +10 damage per garrisoned unit.

History Edit

Rams were simple and effective weapons for breaking into fortifications. The typical battering ram was a stout log mounted on wheels or suspended from a frame so it could swing forward and backward. Any wall could be knocked down given enough time. Capping the point of a battering ram with iron greatly improved the battering ram. The capped ram did more damage and lasted longer before needing replacement.


Unit Evolution: Battering Ram

Battering Ram --> Capped Ram --> Siege Ram


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