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We will either find a way, or make one. ~ Hannibal

The Carthaginians are the inhabitants of the Carthaginian Empire which once controlled North Africa as well as the Southern Mediterranean at its height before the Punic Wars. The Carthaginians were essentially a colony of the Phoenicians and were the vassal of Phoenicia. They are a playable civilization in the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome expansion and features Roman styled architecture. Due to their different unit varieties and military bonuses, the Carthaginians are primarily used for offense rather than defense.

Civilization Bonuses Edit

History Edit

Carthage was founded by Queen Dido in the year 850 BC. Bearing heavy Phoenician influence, the city soon expanded by trade. It eventually expanded to encompass over 300 cities. The next great queen, Queen Elissa ruled this empire for some time. According to legend and lore, she was a very benevolent ruler that was well respected by her followers.

Rivalry with Rome Edit

The Carthaginian Empire was at odds with Rome for over eighty years. During said time frame, three wars broke out. These wars, called the Punic Wars, would eventually spell defeat for the empire. During the Second Punic War, a military general named Hannibal rose to fame due to winning several victories in Italy. However he failed to conquer Rome and was eventually beaten. By the end of the Punic Wars, the Carthaganian Empire was conquered by Rome.


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