Catapult Trireme
AgeIron Age
Trained atDock
TypeNaval Vessel
Cost135 Wood,
75 Gold
Upgraded ToJuggernaut
Cost to Upgrade2000 Food
900 Wood

In Age of Empires, the Catapult Trireme is a large naval unit with a catapult mounted on top of the deck. It fires every 3 seconds and throws large rocks and boulders toward enemy targets at a long distance. Once the Trireme has been upgraded, the technology which enables Catapult Trireme becomes available at the Dock.

Upgrades Edit

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Phoenician naval siege units fire 66% faster.
  • Minoan naval units costs 30% less.
  • Yamato naval units have 30% more HP


It has fewer hitpoints and fires slower than its original counterpart, but fills it up with strength per projectile, more range and does damage to a certain location rather than a single unit. Because of its relative low amount of hit points compared to other units, a successful naval victory through a full scale assault can be obtained by escorting them with a large group of triremes.

Being a Trireme, it is not a upgrade to Trireme itself, but a seperate unit. It can be upgraded into a Juggernaut once engineering is researched. It benefits from such researches as Alchemy for its attack strength, Ballistics for its accuracy and Engineering for its range.

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