A Cathedral is a large non-buildable building on Age of Empires II and its expansions. It is used as an aesthetic building for large cities, but usually as the focal point of an objective. It is the largest building available on the game, larger even than a Wonder. The Britons wonder is basically a cathedral, only on a smaller scale. Even though it is the largest, it does not have proportional hit points having even less than a simple monastery.

Availability Edit

The Cathedral cannot be built by villagers, but is available in Scenario Editor (similar to the Dome of the Rock and Mosque).

Occurences Edit

Here is a list of a few occurrences of the Cathedral building.

  • Joan of Arc - You obtain a Cathedral from the city of Orleans (grey/Franks) on the second level: Maid of Orleans. In The Rising, a cathedral is part of a large yellow team, Rheims, but bears no objective importance. Lastly in The Siege of Paris, the British have a cathedral in Paris.
  • Battles of the Conquerors - In the Tours level, you own a cathedral in the centre of your town.
  • Barbarossa - In the Pope & Antipope level, you must convert the cathedral in the city of Milan (blues/Teutons).

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