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The Celts are a western European civilization in Age of Empires II.

Overview Edit

The Celts possess the fastest infantry in the game, allowing their Pikemen to be a much greater threat towards Knights and allows their other infantry to stage fast raids on settlements. They also possess full heavy cavalry tech (except for camels) although they do not have any unique bonuses for them. The Celts' unique unit is the Woad Raider, the fastest infantry in the game which excels at killing other infantry.

Unique Unit: Woad Raider (fast-moving infantry)

Unique Tech: Furor Celtica (increased HP for siege weapons)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Lumberjacks work 15% faster
  • Infantry move 15% faster
  • Siege weapons fire 20% faster
  • Sheep cannot be converted by enemies if within a unit's line of sight
  • Team Bonus: Siege Workshops work 20% faster

In-game dialogue language (Irish Gaelic)Edit

  • for-ghaire—What?
  • Ar Lámh—(literally 'On Hand')-Ready
  • Quid? (What?, from latin)
  • Quia? (Why?, from latin)
  • Ceart—right
  • bíd fíor—That's right
  • Togh (pronounced tao)--Fine/Ok
  • buanaid—lumberjack
  • feodaige—gatherer
  • sealgaire—hunter
  • lascaire—fisher
  • Treabhach— (literally 'Ploughing')-farmer
  • Mianaige—miner
  • Ráth Bouige—builder
  • fear a bnodhege—working man
  • Don Chath!--To Battle!
  • taoubh cuideachd!--this way troops!
  • ho!--go!

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