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Method Edit

Press Enter during gameplay and enter the code below. Then press Enter again to complete. The codes are not case sensitive. One the cheat code is initiated, the unit spawns in the Town Center. If the town center is researching a new age, the cheat unit cannot be spawned.

Codes Edit

Units Edit

  • BIG BERTHA - Makes Stone Throwers, Catapults and Heavy Catapults into Big Berthas, which have more hit points and most importantly greater range and much larger area of effect.
  • PHOTON MAN - Creates a futuristic man with a rapid-fire laser gun.
  • STEROIDS - Instantly builds structures, gather resources, and build units. This cheat affects all players.
  • BLACK RIDER - Transforms a Horse Archer into a Black Rider, who, when killed, turns into a Catapult, Heavy Catapult or Big Bertha.
  • DARK RAIN - Transforms bowmen and all infantry archers into stealth archers. They turn into trees when standing still and can walk on water.
  • ICBM - Ballistas and helepolis gets range of 100.
  • HOYOHOYO - Priests get tremendous speed and 600 hit points, which can be doubled if mysticism is researched after this cheat is summoned.
  • GAIA - Controls all the animals (except for fish and whale) - but you lose control of your civilization.
  • MEDUSA - turns all Villagers into Medusas . When killed, they become Black Riders. When the Black Riders are killed, they become a Catapult, a Heavy Catapult or Big Bertha.
  • E=MC2 TROOPER - Creates a futuristic man with a 100-range nuke rifle.
  • CONVERT THIS! - Creates a powerful priest (St. Francis) unit that summons lightning to attack.
  • GRANTLINKSPENCE - Changes all animals to "Kings", more powerful versions of the same animals.
  • UPSIDFLINTMOBILE - Makes Chariot Archers have a tremendous speed and fires 3 times faster.
  • STORMBILLY - Creates a humanoid robot with arm-mounted machine guns.

Resources Edit

  • WOODSTOCK - Gives you 1000 Wood
  • QUARRY - Gives you 1000 Stone
  • PEPPERONI PIZZA - Gives you 1000 Food
  • COINAGE - Gives you 1000 Gold

Map Edit

  • REVEAL MAP - Reveals the complete map
  • NO FOG -Removes "Fog-of-war"

Fun Edit

  • BIGDADDY - Creates a black car (Winsett's Z) with a rocket launcher dealing 600 damage
  • BIG MOMMA - Creates a white car (Winsett's Other Z) with a faster rocket launcher dealing 120 damage (Rise of Rome only).
  • JACK BE NIMBLE - Once the code is activated, all stone throwing devices launch cows, villagers with capes, or tumbling villagers
  • FLYING DUTCHMAN - Juggernauts turn into Flying Dutchman, which can move on land (40 attack included with package)
  • POW - Spawns a baby on a tricycle, complete with a shotgun (Rise of Rome only)
  • King Arthur - turns birds into dragons

Game enders & Player finishers Edit

  • DIEDIEDIE - All enemies die
  • HARI KARI - You commit suicide
  • RESIGN - You are resigned to lose
  • HOME RUN - Instant victory
  • Kill[x] - x = Player number (For killing player #8, press "kill9")

See Also Edit

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