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Method Edit

To enter these cheat codes, press Enter during game play to bring up a text box. Then enter a code and press enter. The codes are not case sensitive, so there is no need to worry about capital letters.

Codes Edit

Units Edit

Main article: Cheat Units (Age of Empires II)

  • How do you turn this on: Shelby Cobra car with machine guns
  • To smithereens: Saboteur unit (suicide bomber)
  • Natural wonders: Control nature, but lose the human control
  • I love the monkey head: VDML (A villager that can't do anything but is very fast and good to explore and can fire if garrisoned)
  • Furious the monkey boy: Furious the Monkey Boy, which has 9 hit points, 99 strength/attack and 99 defense. Multiple units of this type cannot be selected to move and attack (unless they are close together).
    • Also available in the Scenario Editor.

Resources Edit

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  • Cheese Steak Jimmy's: 1000 Food
  • Lumberjack: 1000 Wood
  • Robin Hood: 1000 Gold
  • Rock On: 1000 Stone

Map Edit

  • Marco: Map Revealed (On-Off mode)
  • Polo: Fog eliminated (On-Off mode)

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Aegis: Instant build, research, gather and training (The cheat also applies for all other players, the AI included. It is interesting to note that this kills units that are constructing buildings, but it is not known why) (On-Off mode)
    • If this is not enabled, use this cheat code to enable. If this is enabled, use the cheat code to disable.
  • I R Winner: Win the game, all opponents defeat, also allies, unless allied victory condition is enabled.
  • Black Death: All enemies die, including allies.
  • Wimpywimpywimpy: Instantly lose the match.
  • Torpedo <1-8>: Slay selected opponent (The Conquerors expansion)
  • Woof Woof: Turns birds into flying dogs.

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