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A Cheat Unit is a unit that can only be spawned from the Town Center by typing in a cheat code. These are the units for Age of Empires II:

COBRA- A fast car that fires twin machine guns very, very fast.

  • HP- 500
  • Attack- 10
  • Armor- 10/10
  • Range- 10
  • Speed- Very Fast
  • Cheat Code- "how do you turn this on"

Saboteur- A hero unit that is the faster version of the Petard. It made its debut in campaign level 6 of the Genghis Khan Campaign. Larger splash damage and attack allows for killing multiple units at once even while massacring a building. It is available in the Scenario Editor.

  • HP-45 (Hero)
  • Attack- 100
  • Armor- 1/3 (gains 1 pierce at some point)
  • Range- Melee (suicide bomber)
  • Speed- Fast
  • Cheat Code- "to smithereens"

VMDL-Stands for Villager Male Dave Lewis. Villager unit that can lay foundations, but does NOT attack or perform villager functions. Mostly useless, but great explorer.

  • HP- 40
  • Attack- 3 Displayed, 0 Actual
  • Armor- 1/2
  • Range- Melee
  • Speed- Ridiculously Fast
  • Cheat Code- "i love the monkey head"

Furious the Monkey Boy- A monkey child that functions as an animal (cannot be ordered to attack in groups). Knocks down any building and unit in three strikes maximum.

  • HP- 9
  • Attack-99
  • Armor- 99/99
  • Range- Melee
  • Speed- Medium
  • Cheat Code- "furious the monkey boy"

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