Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost 300 Food,
200 Gold
StatsAllows creation of Gunpowder Units, improves Siege Units and Archers
Chemistry is an Imperial Age technology available in Age of Empires II. This Technology is available to all civilizations, but the Turks are the only civilization that get this upgrade for free. Aztecs, Mayans and Britons can research the technology, but don't get any Gunpowder Units.

Effects Edit

  • Chemistry is one of the most important technologies of the game, as it is the only way of creating any Gunpowder Units, which are some of the most powerful Units in the game. It also improves the effectiveness of Siege Units and Archers by adding +1 points of damage (the projectiles will also be lit on fire).

History Edit

The science of chemistry was very crude during the Middle Ages and devoted almost entirely to finding ways to convert base metals into gold. This study was called alchemy and practitioners were called alchemists. Alchemists occasionally stumbled upon useful chemicals by accident. The most significant result of chemistry experiments was the European acquisition of gunpowder, which had been invented many centuries earlier by the Chinese.

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