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The Chinese civilization is one of the East Asian civilizations in Age of Empires II, along with the Japanese, Mongols, and in The Conquerors Expansion, the Koreans. Their bonuses are economic, Chinese teams on Random Maps start with six villagers, instead of the usual three, which enables quicker Resource collection. They also have cheaper technologies- every technology's cost is decreased by 10% in the Feudal Age, 15% in the Castle Age and 20% in the Imperial Age. Chinese Demolition Ships also have 50% extra hitpoints. The Chinese unique unit is the Chu Ko Nu, which is a Crossbowman that fires three arrows in succession, but at a shorter range in comparison to normal Archers.

Gameplay information Edit

Wonder: Temple of Heaven

Unique Unit: Chu Ko Nu (foot archer that fires multiple arrows)

Unique Tech: Rocketry (increased pierce attack for Chu Ko Nu and Scorpions), Great Wall (Increases hit-points of Walls and Towers)

Cultural Bonuses Edit

  • Start game with three extra villagers, but with -200 food and -50 wood
  • Town Center supports ten population (instead of five)
  • Technologies are 10% cheaper in Feudal Age, 15% Castle Age, 20% Imperial Age
  • Demolition Ships have 50% more HP
  • Team Bonus: Farms start with + 45 Food .

In-game Dialogue Language (Mandarin)Edit

The language spoken by the Chinese units is the Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language.

  • Shén me? 什麼? (What?)
  • Hǎo 好 (Yes)
  • Xíng 行 (Yes)
  • Zun ming 遵命 (Yes)
  • Zheng que 正確 (Correct)
  • Wéi 喂? (What?)
  • Fu cong mìng lìng 服從命令 (I'll follow your order.)
  • Zhun bei jiu xu 準備就緒 (Ready.)
  • Fa mu gong 伐木工 (Lumberjack)
  • Liang cao zheng shou rén 糧草徵收人 (Gatherer)
  • Liè rén 獵人 (Hunter)
  • Yú fu 漁夫 (Fisherman)
  • Nong fu 農夫 (Farmer)
  • Kuàng gōng 礦工 (Miner)
  • Jian zhu gōng 建築工 (Builder)
  • Xiu li gōng 修理工 (Repairer)
  • Zuo zhàn! 作戰! (Fight!)
  • Shì 是 (Yes)
  • Jìn gōng! 進攻! (Charge!)
  • Gōng jí! 攻擊! (Attack!)

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