Citadel is the second mission of the Glory of Greece campaign, where the Athens (Blue) face the Greek city-state of Thebes (Red).

Scenario Instructions Edit

Greece is now largely settled and growth is possible mainly at the expense of neighbors. The Thebians are beginning to expand and covet the lands that you now control. They must not be allowed to continue. Gain control of this region by capturing the ancient Ruins close to the nearby Thebian town. Build two Sentry Towers adjacent to the Ruins to ensure your control.

Objectives Edit

  • Capture Ruins.
  • Establish 2 Sentry Towers beside Ruins.

Strategy Edit

You start off in the Tool Age, with a few Villagers and some Clubmen. Thebes has a fair-sized city to the north, and a Watch Tower and a few soldiers at every place there's Gold and Stone Mines.

To the east of your city, the shallows allow the Thebians to enter your base. Build a few houses to block their way, and research Watch Tower at the Granary so you can build one here. A Dock and a few Scout Ships will guarantee naval superiority.

As soon as you've built up to the Bronze Age, you can start winning the map. Find one of the mine sites (there's one to the west, one to the north, and one near the center of the map). Send a few soldiers there to tear down the Tower and kill the soldiers, and start mining. When you have enough Gold, build a few Stone Throwers to deal with the Towers, and head towards the Ruins to the northwest.

Destroying the Towers will allow you capture the Ruins, at which point you can construct the necessary towers and upgrade them to Sentry Towers. The map has been won.

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