Following is a list of civilizations in Age of Empires and the Rise of Rome along with associated bonuses.

Age of Empires Edit

Assyrians Edit

Babylonians Edit

  • Double wall and tower hit points
  • +30% Priest rejuvenation rate
  • +30% Stone mining

Choson Edit

Egyptians Edit

Greeks Edit

Hittites Edit

Minoans Edit

Persians Edit

Phoenicians Edit

Shang Edit

  • -30% Villager cost (Each villager costs 35 food (40 in 1.0a patch))
  • Double wall hit points

Sumerians Edit

Yamato Edit

Rise of Rome Expansion Edit

Carthaginians Edit

Macedonians Edit

  • Academy units have increased armor from missile damage by 2 points
  • Units with no range +2 line of sight
  • Siege Workshop units cost -50%
  • Units 4 times more resistant to conversion
  • Cannot build Temples

Palmyrans Edit

Roman Empire Edit

  • -15% building cost except Towers, Walls and Wonders
  • -50% tower building cost
  • Swordsmen attack +33% faster



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