A list of all civilizations in Age of Empires II.

Aztecs Edit

The Aztecs are a Mesoamerican civilization appearing in The Conquerors Expansion. Their unique unit is the Jaguar Warrior, the highest rank of warrior in the Aztec army, wielding a wooden club studded with obsidian shards sharp enough to decapitate men and horses. The Jaguar Warrior is thus a heavy infantry unit who is strong against other infantry units. Their unique technology, Garland Wars, references the "flower wars" which the Aztecs organized amongst their allies in order to provide more sacrifices. The Aztecs were also known as a hard working and innovative civilization, and their villagers' carry more resources and get the Loom technology free. Being a highly military civilization, the Aztecs also have a general creation bonus across the board for all their units. They were famous for their bloody and ardent faith, with their relics generating extra gold and their Monks receiving extra HP per Monastery technology researched, allowing their Monks to join other soldiers on the battlefield. The Aztecs did not have horses or gunpowder, and the Age of Empires II Aztecs are no different. They completely lack Stables and cannons. They start with an Eagle Warrior, a fast light infantry that they share with the Mayans, instead of a Scout Cavalry.

Britons Edit

The Britons are a Western European civilization appearing in the Age of Kings. Their unique unit is the Longbowman, from their historical use of the Welsh Longbow in their campaigns. Longbowmen are archers with higher attack and range than every other archer in the game, even outranging castles and Towers later in the game. Their unique technology Yeomen references the fact that the Britons heavily relied on archery, thus giving their foot archers even more range, as well as increasing their tower damage. The Britons were known for their small villages scattered across England, as well as their tactics of encroaching on enemies with strongholds and thus get cheaper Town Centers. Known as skilled sheperds and heavily involved in the wool trade, British shepherds work faster. For a time in England, all sports but archery were banned, thus the Britons also sport faster Archery Ranges and longer ranged foot archers. However, their lack of access to Paladins or Hussars sets them back in terms of cavalry, meaning that infantry are often still relied upon even in later stages of the game.

Byzantines Edit

The Byzantine Empire are an Eastern European civilization especially active in Western Asia, and are also known as the East Roman Empire. The Byzantines referred to themselves as Romans and retain many characteristics of the classical Roman Empire, such as their unique unit, the Cataphract, a type of heavy cavalry that happened to be present in Age of Empires I. The Cataphract is one of the few true counter units to infantry, slightly weaker than Knights. Their unique technology is Logistica, referring to the Byzantines' strong military tactics and grants their Cataphracts trample damage to attack multiple enemies at once. The Byzantines had a head start over their neighbors and arguably reached their zenith while the rest of Europe was in the Dark Age, and pay less to advance to the Imperial Age. Their capitol of Constantinople was famous for having deflected many invasions, and the Byzantines get tougher buildings. Due to carrying on many of the traditions of Rome such as their naval prowess and being the inventors of Greek fire, their Fire Ships attack faster. As a defensive civilization, they also get cheaper counter units and free Town Watch. Being the bastion of Greek Orthodoxy, their Monks heal faster to keep with their defensive theme.

Imperial Age.

Celts Edit

The Celts were a Central European civilization who dominated much of Europe, such as Poland, Germany, Spain, France, and the British Isles. The Celts in Age of Empires II are the Celts of Scotland, Ireland and Wales in Western Europe. Their unique unit is the Woad Raider, a type of infantry who covers himself in paint made from the woad plant to make himself look more fearsome. Woad Raiders run very fast, allowing them to overcome the normal infantry weaknesses versus archers and siege weapons. Their unique technology is Furor Celtica, which refers to the Celtic warrior tradition of channeling their emotions and anger and makes their siege weapons harder to kill. Being masters of guerilla warfare, Celtic infantry run faster. Because of their historical wood and metalworking, their Siege Workshops build faster, their Lumberjacks work faster, and their Siege Weapons fire faster. Like their neighbors the Britons, the Celts were historically skilled shepherds, and it is much more difficult for enemies to steal their sheep.

  • Unique Unit: Woad Raider (Fast infantry with bonus Vs buildings)
  • Unique Technology: Furor Celtica (Siege Workshop Units +50% HP)
  • Infantry move 15% faster.
  • Lumberjacks work 15% faster.
  • Siege weapons fire 20% faster.
  • Sheep cannot be stolen if within one Celt unit's line of sight.
  • Team Bonus: Siege Workshops work 20% faster.
  • Wonder: Rock of Cashel

Chinese Edit

The Chinese are an East Asian civilization based on the Chinese of medieval times. The unique unit of the Chinese is the Chu Ko Nu, a foot archer wielding the eponymous semi-automatic crossbow invented by the Chinese that would load a new bolt when the last one was fired. Chu Ko Nu fire multiple arrows at once and, if employed en masse, they can wreak havoc on infantry and even cavalry. Their unique technology, Rocketry, reflects their discovery of gunpowder. It seems that the Chinese in Age of Empires II have a more crude understanding of gunpowder, as Rocketry benefits their Scorpions and their Chu Ko Nu by giving them higher damage rather than benefit any of their gunpowder units. To reflect the non-cannon uses of gunpowder, their Demolition Ships take more damage to destroy and thus they can reach their targets easier. The Chinese are known for their technology and innovation, and for being one of the civilizations that suffered the least during the Dark Ages, so they start with extra villagers and their Town Centers support a higher population, though they have fewer resources to compensate. Finally, the Chinese research all technologies more cheaply than any other civilization due to being the most (or one of the most) advanced civilizations on Earth during the timeframe of Age of Empires II.

Franks Edit

The Franks are a Western European civilization appearing in the Age of Kings, historically having splintered off from the Teutons, and the Goths, who were further splintered from the Vikings and Celts. Thus they have an infantry unit for their unique unit: the Throwing Axeman throws his axe at enemies at a short range, doing contact damage rather than pierce like Archers. Throwing axes were more popular than bows in the densely forested parts of northern europe from whence the Franks came from, and they even take their name from their throwing axe, the Francisca. Their unique technology is the Bearded Axe to reflect this, giving their Throwing Axemen more range. The Franks could be seen as the archetypal Medieval civilization. The Frankish King Charlemagne started the tradition of using armored cavalry who became known as Knights, and Frankish Knights fight valiantly with more HP and longer line of sight. Castles dot France, and the Franks have cheaper Castles to better emulate this. Finally, no Castle with a Knight as it's lord is complete without peasant labor, and Frankish farms are upgraded for free.

  • Unique Unit: Throwing Axeman (Short ranged infantry)
  • Unique Technology: Bearded Axe (+1 Throwing Axeman range)
  • Castles are 25% cheaper.
  • Knights have +20% HP.
  • Farm upgrades are free (Mill is required to receive bonus).
  • Team Bonus: Knights have +2 line of sight.
  • Wonder: Chartes Cathedral

Goths Edit

The Goths are an Eastern European civilization known for bringing Rome to its knees and traveling all over Europe, bringing devastation with them. The leaders of the Goths and their Age of Empires II equivalents were the Huskarls, the Gothic unique unit. As the Goths were known for their raiding prowess, the medium infantry Huskarls have high pierce armor and shrug off damage from fortifications. This also makes them very powerful against archers, and they also move quick enough to chase them down. The Goths were known as flexible nomads with mostly nonexistent formal government, so their unique technology Anarchy allows their leaders, the Huskarls, to be trained at the Barracks like normal infantry as early as the Castle Age. Perfusion allows them to train infantry extremely fast. As the Goths were known for being able to mass soldiers very quickly, the most spammable units already available to all civilizations become even moreso thanks to their infantry costing less and their Barracks producing faster. As raiders, they get extra attack versus buildings. Being nomads gave them other distinct advantages, and their villagers can hunt bigger game effectively and carry more meat. Finally, the Goths get a higher population limit than other civilizations to reflect their ability to field armies quickly.

  • Unique Unit: Huskarl (Anti-archer infantry)
  • Unique Technologies: Anarchy (Create Huskarls at Barracks), Perfusion (Barracks units created 50% faster)
  • Infantry cost 33% less (starting in Feudal Age) (as of 1.0b, the help file has not been changed, but it could be found in the patch changelog).
  • Infantry have +1 attack against buildings.
  • Villagers have +5 attack versus wild boar.
  • Hunters carry +15 meat.
  • +10 to population limit in Imperial Age.
  • Team Bonus: Barracks operate 20% faster.
  • Wonder: The Mausoleum of Theodoric the Goth I

Huns Edit

The Huns were a civilization with no discernable origin besides Central Asia who were most active in Eastern Europe, winning battles against the Romans and displacing many other "barbarian" tribes. Their unique unit is the Tarkan, a medium cavalryman armed with a torch who does strong damage against buildings. The most ferocious and courageous Huns warriors were the Tarkans, and they exemplify the Huns as horse riders who raid and pillage buildings. The Huns were known for their irreverance towards places and objects, and their unique technology Atheism is representation of that concept, forcing Wonder and Relic victories to take longer and reducing the cost of the Spies/Treason technology. Being nomads, the Huns have no need for houses and are only restricted in building units by their resources. The Huns were among the many horse civilizations of Central Asia, and their primacy in battle was because of their horses so their Stables produce units faster. To emulate the fact that their principal fighting force were horse mounted archers, Huns get considerably cheaper Cavalry Archers. In spite of being nomads, the Huns were skilled in siege warfare, having laid siege to several cities in France, and thus have more accurate Trebuchets.

  • Unique Unit: Tarkan (Medium Cavalry with bonus Vs buildings)
  • Unique Technology: Atheism (+100 years Wonder/Relic victory time; -50% Spies/Treason cost)
  • Houses are not required to support population, start game with 100 Wood .
  • Cavalry Archers cost -25% in Castle Age, -30% in Imperial Age.
  • Trebuchets are 30% more accurate.
  • Team Bonus: Stables are 20% faster.
  • Wonder: Arch of Septimius Severus

This civilization is available only in the Conquerors Expansion.

Japanese Edit

The Japanese are an Eastern Asian civilization on the island of Japan. Being an island civlization, the Japanese were renowned fishermen, reflected in the fact that their fishing boats are faster and tougher. Their unique unit is the Samurai, a type of medium-heavy fast-moving infantry strong against other unique units. The Samurai was the elite class in Japanese society, and required dozens of years of training. The Samurai were armed with a Katana, an extra-sharp, thin bladed longsword, and a Wakizashi, a shorter version of the Katana. The Japanese were also known for woodworking and mining as well as teamwork. The Japanese relied on their infantry and naval warfare and not as much on their cavalry.

Koreans Edit

The Koreans are an Eastern Asian civilization based on Korea during the Joseon Dynasty. The Koreans were not as successful militarily as either the Japanese or the Chinese and were not as well known. The Koreans are one of the few civilizations that have two unique units. The Castle-based unique unit is the War Wagon, a horse-drawn carriage. The War Wagon fires a bolt similar to the Galleon. While stronger and better armored than the cavalry archers, they are slower and more expensive. The Dock-based unique unit is the Turtle Ship, an armored and spiked ship used to ram into other ships. The Turtle Ship is slower than many other ships, but makes up for speed in raw power and durability. A single Turtle Ship can take down a small fleet of ships, while a fleet of them can annihilate a large part of an opponent's navy.

This civilization is available only in the Conquerors Expansion.

Mayans Edit

The Maya were a Central American civilization known for their incredible archery and for staying nearby lakes or the ocean. The main force of the Mayan army was archers, as they used archers extensively. Their unique unit is the Plumed Archer, an archer with a slightly longer range and more power. They have a slight advantage in the early game due to the fact that they start with one extra villager for a slight deficit in food. They also have an advantage in the later game because their walls cost half as much as normal. Resources also give off 20% more, and archers cost significantly less (depending on age).

This civilization is available only in the Conquerors Expansion.

Mongols Edit

The Mongols were an Eastern Asian civilization known for creating the largest contiguous country in human history. The Mongols were slightly similar to the Huns, but had many major differences. The Mongols had excellent cavalry and archers which were the key to their success. Their unique unit is the Mangudai, a type of cavalry archer, once again showing the Mongol's superiority in cavalry. The Mangudai shares stats with other cavalry archers, but have a bonus attack against siege engines. The Mangudai are stronger than Heavy Cavalry Archers in every way, and cost less in terms of gold, but more in terms of wood. The Mongols have a strong cavalry, with faster firing Cavaly Archers, stronger Light Cavalry and Hussars, and farther seeing Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, and Hussars.

  • Unique Unit: Mangudai (Cavalry archer with bonus vs siege)
  • Unique Technology: Drill (Siege Workshop units move 50% faster)
  • Cavalry Archers fire 20% faster.
  • Light Cavalry and Hussars have +30% HP.
  • Hunters work 50% faster.
  • Team Bonus: Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, and Hussars have +2 line of sight.
  • Wonder: Golden Tent

Persians Edit

The Persians are a Middle East Asian civilization noted for defeating the Roman Empire several times. The Persians had a strong cavalry and naval warfare, and have a bonus for Town Centers and Docks. The Persian unique unit is the War Elephant, a type of very-heavy cavalry. The War Elephant can take down several light to medium cavalry and infantry, and even withstand a little siege fire. The War Elephant is strong against buildings, but its shortcoming is archers, heavy siege weapons and spearmen.

Saracens Edit

The Saracens are a civilization from the area of Modern-day Saudi Arabia and Syria. They have strong camels and a strong cavalry. They also have a small bonus when it comes to ships. Their unique unit is the Mameluke, a type of light camel cavalry with a large attack bonus against cavalry but capable of taking down archers and light infantry as well. The Saracens have a bonus when it comes to trading, as their trading cost is only 5%, a significant amount smaller than other civilizaions.

  • Unique Unit: Mameluke (Short ranged anti-cavalry cavalry)
  • Unique Technology: Zealotry (+30 camel, Mameluke HP)
  • Market trade cost is only 5%
  • Transport Ships have 2x HP and carry capacity.
  • Galleys attack 20% faster.
  • Cavalry Archers have +3 attack against buildings.
  • Team Bonus: Foot archers have +1 attack against buildings.
  • Wonder: Mosque of Sammara

Spanish Edit

The Spanish Empire was a Western European empire known for exploring the world and and being the first Europeans to discover Caribbean Islands. The Spanish are one of the few civilizations to have more than one unique units. The Conquistador is a mounted hand-cannoner unit that is strong against archers and infantry. In history, Conquistadors took over both the Aztec and the Mayan civilizations. The Missionary is the only unique monk in the entire game. It is basically a Monk on horseback giving it extra speed. The Missionary is produced at the Monastery, and can convert opponents' troops and also heal friendly troops. The Missionary cannot pick up relics however. The Spanish were famous for the amount of gold and riches they had.

Teutons Edit

The Teutons were a Eastern European civilization known for their teamwork and strong infantry. They have many good bonuses such as Monks having longer healing range, towers being able to garrison twice as many units, Murder Holes being free, farms costing less, Town Centers being significantly stronger, and units being more resistant to conversion. Their unique unit is the Teutonic Knight, the strongest infantry unit in the game. The Elite Teutonic Knight can take down almost any unit that gets too close. Their downpoint is their extremely slow movement. They also have strong Paladins, but they are also slow compared to other civilizations as they lack Husbandry.

Turks Edit

The Turks are a Middle Eastern civilization that came from Central Asia and later settled in modern day Turkey. The Turks were famous for winning many battles in the Crusades and had a strong cavalry. They also used gunpowder quite effectively, becoming the first "gunpowder empire," having received it from their control of the Silk Road. They have a free upgrade to use gunpowder units, and stronger yet lower costing gunpowder units. The gunpowder units are also created faster. Their unique unit is the Janissary, a type of gunpowder unit. The Janissary is strong against infantry and archers. The Turks also have some free cavalry upgrades and faster gold miners.

  • Unique Unit: Janissary (Hand cannoneer)
  • Unique Technology: Artillery (+2 range Bombard Towers, Bombard Cannons, Cannon Galleons)
  • Gunpowder Units have +25% HP.
  • Gunpowder technologies cost 50% less.
  • Chemistry is free.
  • Gold miners work 15% faster.
  • Light Cavalry and Hussar upgrades are free.
  • Team Bonus: Gunpowder units are created 20% faster.
  • Wonder: The Blue Mosque

Vikings Edit

The Vikings were a North European civilization known for their extensive naval warfare and great infantry. The Vikings did not actually wear spiked or horned helmets, but they refrained from trimming their head and facial hair to give the look of a big, scary, and hairy beast. The Vikings were excellent at naval warfare and tactics, and even mastered the art of various types of sailing. They also had strong trading and got many of their supplies from trading. The Vikings are one of the few civilizations to have more than one unique unit. Their Castle-based unit is the Berserker, an extra-strong, regenerating and fast infantry unit strong against other infantry and light cavalry, and to an extent against buildings. Their Dock-based unique unit is the Longboat, a type of swift war boat that shoots volleys of arrows at other boats. The Viking Longboat was a well-constructed slim boat that gracefully shot through the water.

  • Unique Units: Berserker (Regenerating infantry), Longboat  (Warship with multiple arrow fire)
  • Unique Technology: |Berserkergang (Berserks regenerate faster)
  • Warships cost 25% less.
  • Infantry have +10% HP in Feudal Age, +15% in Castle Age, +20% in Imperial Age.
  • Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart upgrades are free.
  • Team Bonus: Docks are 25% cheaper.
  • Wonder: Borgund Stave Church

Sources Edit

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