Constantinople is a major city found as a team in the Barbarossa and Attila the Hun campaigns in Age of Empires II and Age of Empires II: The Conquerors respectively.

City Plan Edit

In both the scenarios in which Constantinople appears, the team colour is blue, and they are of the Byzantines civilization. It has a vast amount of defences consisting of Bombard Towers, Fortified Wall and several Siege Weapons. It has a Castle in the heart of the city, next to a Wonder and the city's Town Center. It is adjacent to the sea and has a large fleet in both instances, however in the Attilla The Hun campaign level, Walls of Constantinople, the city's harbor is also additionally protected by Sea Wall. This is one of only two occurrences of the Sea Wall in the game, the other being the final Attila campaign level.

Age of Empires II Edit

Constantinople appears in the fifth level of the Barbarossa campaign. It is required to threaten Constantinople into submission in order to obtain the use of their powerful fleet of fire ships and galleons. This is done by moving troops next to the Wonder in the center of the town.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Edit

It appears on the third level of the Atilla the Hun campaign, Walls of Constantinople. They are by far the largest and most powerful team on the map. Their are several ways to demand tribute from them:

  1. Destroy their lone monastery to the south of the city
  2. Begin a siege on their outer walls
  3. Destroy their docks
  4. Destroy their castle
  5. Threaten their wonder
  6. Destroy their wonder

To the north is their extensive harbor, and to the east west are their allies Marcianopolis (green) and Philipopolis (red).

Age of Empires III Edit

By the time of this game's setting Constantinople has been conquered by the Ottomans. It is the default home city for the Ottomans.

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