Conversion is the act by which a Monk or a Priest can capture a unit or building from an opposing team for use by their team. Many units are more prone to conversion than others, and there are several technologies which can either help or hinder the conversion process. The unique thing about conversion is that a player can gain units over the desired population limit. This makes priests a very strategic and important unit.

Age of EmpiresEdit

In Age of Empires, conversions are done by Priests.

There are several technologies available to help improve conversion effectiveness. From the Temple, Astrology can be researched in the Bronze Age, which makes conversion 30% better. In the Iron Age, Afterlife and Monotheism both become available from the Temple, the first of which increases the Priest's conversion range, and the second one enables Priests to convert enemy buildings. In the Rise of Rome expansion pack, Martyrdom is also available to research from the Temple. It allows for a conversion to be completed instantly if you sacrifice the Priest.

War elephants, armored elephants and elephant archers are especially prone to conversion, particularly due to their low speed. Chariots, chariot archers and all ships are more resistant to conversion than other units.

Age of Empires IIEdit

In Age of Empires II, conversions are done by Monks. When monks become first available in the Castle Age, they are only able to convert enemy units (NOT buildings, walls, siege weapons or other Monks until additional technology is researched).

As in the original Age of Empires, the effectiveness of conversions can be improved by researching many technologies from the Monastery.

  • Atonement - Monks can convert enemy monks
  • Block Printing - Increases the range of conversion
  • Faith - Makes your units more difficult for enemy monks to convert
  • Heresy* - Your units die instantly if converted. Although you still lose your unit, your opponent doesn't get it.
  • Illumination - Monks need less resting time between conversions
  • Redemption** - Monks can convert enemy Siege Weapons and many types of building
  • Theocracy* - Only one monk in a group needs to rest after a conversion

*Only available in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
** Monks cannot convert Town Centers, Castles, Monasteries, Wonders, Walls or Gates.

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