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The Dawn of a New Age Campaign is the fourth scenario of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign scenario pack. The campaign focuses on introducing the player the concept of promoting their civilization by advancing different Ages.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

Exploration and contact with other cultures has brought new ideas to Egypt. You are learning new skills, including new Technologies for Fishing. Advance your culture to the Tool Age to gain access to even better skills and capabilities.


  • Advance to the Tool Age.


Once again, there are no enemies in this campaign, making this one much easier than the previous one. The main focus of the mission is resource collecting, since at least 220 Wood is required to build two buildings, which are needed to advance to the Tool Age. 500 Food is also required in order to advance into the Tool Age. Food is scant near the player's settlement so the key here is once again in the picture, scouting.

The only Food source on the island are two Elephants, one east and one south, which provide a maximum of 600 Food . Since Food depletes in wildlife over time, the best bet to gather Food is by fishing. Instead of spending time on hunting elephants, have the Villagers collect Wood while your Fishing Boats are busy collecting Fish. Once enough resources are gathered, the mission is complete.

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