The Deer is the symbolic herd-huntable creature in all Age of Empires games.

Game Info Edit

Age of Empires Edit

The Deer (or back then, the Gazelle) was a standard animal that ran around the map when hunted. it had 8 hp (2 spears) and ran away when you came nearby. Also provided 150 food for the player that caught it.

Age of Empires II Edit

Name Deer
Amount of Food 140
Hit Points 5
number of hunters

The Deer is now called a deer, keeping with the shift from the middle-east to Europe as the civilizations changed. The deer still had 140 meat and ran away when hunted, but hunters could now haul meat away in much larger lumps (35 meat/trip).

Age of Empires III Edit

The Deer has reached its final iteration, and now has 20 hp (2 shots/1 with Blunderbuss, thanks to Villager attack bonuses), and due to improved meat storage methods has had its meat content boosted up to 400 meat, making it a more appealing food source than eg the Berry Bush.

Age of MythologyEdit

File:Deer icon.png
Name Deer
Amount of Food 150
Hit Points 20
number of hunters
The Deer returns in AoM, with packs of them wandering the map in Greek territories. They are replaced by Gazelles on Savannah/Desert maps, and Elks on Tundra maps.

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