Defensive Structures are a type of building available in every Age of Empires game. Rather than be used to train Units or research Technologies, they are used to defend your civilisation from attacks, or warn it of attacks.

List of Defensive Structures Edit

Age of Empires Edit

All defensive structures reasearched and upgraded from Granary:

  1. Watch Tower
  2. Sentry Tower
  3. Guard Tower
  4. Ballista Tower
  5. Small Wall
  6. Medium Wall
  7. Fortification

Towers found in the campaign and the scenario editor:

  1. Zenobia's Tower
  2. Mirror Tower

Age of Empires II Edit

All defensive structures researched and upgraded from University

  1. Outpost
  2. Watch Tower
  3. Guard Tower
  4. Keep
  5. Bombard Tower
  6. Palisade Wall
  7. Stone Wall
  8. Fortified Wall
  9. Gate
  10. Sea Wall
  11. Sea Gate

Age of Empires III Edit

  1. Outpost
  2. Fort
  3. Trading Post (With Home City Card)
  4. Town Center