Demolition Ship
AgeCastle Age
Trained atDock
Cost70 Wood,
50 Gold
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToHeavy Demolition Ship
Cost to Upgrade200 Wood
300 Gold
The Demolition Ship is a ship in Age of Empires II packed with explosives that blows up against enemy ships, docks and anything too close the shore.

Its tactics resemble those of a cruise missile. It can cause great damage when it hits and will destroy most ships in one shot, but since it's a suicide unit it may not be worth the resource cost. It all depends on the exact situation. Since demolition ships are available for nearly all civilizations, civilizations with poor naval technology may improvise by using demolition ships to even the odds. Demolition ships are useful against the Galley and its upgrades, excellent against Fire Ships, and devastating against Transport Ships; however, they fare poorly against the heavily armed and armoured Korean Turtle Ship.

It upgrades to Heavy Demolition Ship.

Civilizations with bonuses for Demolition Ships Edit

History Edit

Kings and civilizations without a naval tradition turned to a simple expedient when facing a naval engagement. They loaded an expendable ship with combustibles and a skeleton crew. The doomed ship was then sailed into contact with enemy ships and set alight. When done properly, demolition ships burned fiercely and exploded, setting adjacent enemy ships on fire also. Wooden ships sealed with pitch and outfitted with flammable rigging and equipment were at great risk to fire and explosion (once gunpowder was aboard). A demolition ship could damage or destroy ships many more times more powerful and valuable and could be used against seaside buildings.

Unit Evolution: Demolition Ship

Demolition Ship --> Heavy Demolition Ship


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