Elite Cannon Galleon
AgeImperial Age
Trained atDock
Cost200 Wood,
150 Gold
Upgraded FromCannon Galleon
The Elite Cannon Galleon is a ship in Age of Empires II. It is an upgrade of the Cannon Galleon. It has more Range and more Hit Points than the Cannon Galleon. It requires Chemistry to build. They are weak against other ships, but excel at destroying targets on land. It is only available to the Byzantines, Japanese, Mongol, Persian, Saracen, Spanish, Turkish, and Viking Civilizations.

The Elite Cannon Galleon can be upgraded at the Dock to increase its Armor and speed as well as lower their production cost. It can be made more resistant to Conversion at the Monastery. The Spanish Elite Cannon Galleon is affected by Ballistics, granting extra attack speed and accuracy, allowing the Elite Cannon Galleon to fire shots faster, and give enemy units much less of a chance to move away. The longest range attack in the game belongs to Turkish Elite Cannon Galleons with the Artillery technology and Trebuchets with Siege Engineers researched; both have 17 range.

History Edit

Primitive cannon were first mounted on ships in the fourteenth century. These were mounted in the stern or bow for firing forward or aft. Small weapons were mounted on the rails for use against enemy crews in close action. The first ship built specifically for carrying cannon appeared in 1406. Effectively mounting a large number of cannons on a ship took many years to work out. It required new designs to compensate for the enormous weight of the guns high on the ship’s sides. Tackle had to be designed to allow the guns to be fired and reloaded safely. Safe procedures were also needed for storing and accessing powder. Useful cannon galleons did not appear until late in the Middle Ages.


  • If a Elite Cannon Galleon is created in the Scenario Editor for a player that it isn't in the Post-Imperial Age, it will be able to do actions like follow another unit or protect another unit, which it can't do when it is created during a game.
Unit Evolution: Cannon Galleon

Cannon Galleon --> Elite Cannon Galleon


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