Elite Skirmisher
AgeCastle Age
Trained atArchery Range
Cost35 Wood,
25 Food
Upgraded FromSkirmisher
Upgraded ToN/A
Cost to UpgradeN/A
The Elite Skirmisher is the upgraded version of a Skirmisher available in Age of Empires II once Castle Age is reached.

Elite Skirmishers have an attack bonus against Archers much like its predecessor. They also have increased hit points, attack power, and armor against ranged attacks. This makes Elite Skirmishers more useful against other ranged units beyond the Castle Age. Elite Skirmishers are available to all civilizations except the Turks.

The Conquerors ChangesEdit

Elite Skirmishers gain 3 damage against Spearmen and 2 damage against Cavalry Archers.

History Edit

In many Middle Age armies skirmishers were the rabble that was thrown in at the start of a battle and then often overrun by the heavy cavalry of both sides. A few armies trained elite skirmishers who could disrupt enemy formations, fall back, and support the main friendly fighting force from the sides. An army that could put elite skirmishers in the field to support its main army had an advantage over an army that did not. The Swiss, for example, often employed up to a quarter of their force in a skirmish role. Elite Swiss skirmishers supported the dense phalanxes of Swiss pikemen by disrupting enemy troops before the pikes made their attack. In an emergency, the skirmishers could take cover under the rows of pointed pikes and then stand up once more to engage a withdrawing enemy.

Unit Evolution: Skirmisher
Skirmisher --> Elite Skirmisher

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