Farming is a scenario in the campaign set, Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign. The goal of the mission is to teach the player to use Farms to gather Food.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

Invaders of Egypt have been stopped, at least temporarily, but migrants and traders continue to enter the region. Those from Mesopotamia have brought the techniques of farming and herding to the Nile region. The future of Egypt depends on making use of the great natural advantages of the Nile Valley, primarily through agriculture. Food surpluses are the basis for increasing population, economic power, and the achievement of civilization. Expand your village through farming and build a surplus of 800 Food . Find and control a Ruin rumored to exist on the other side of the Nile. Beware of encroaching Nubians form the north.


  • Control the Ruin.
  • Stockpile 800 Food .


The player starts off in the lower left corner of the map, with the enemy right across the river to the north. While it's a good idea to create some soldiers to protect yourself from attacks, and it can be wise to attack their base to slow them down, you don't need to defeat the enemy to win. Just gather the food and find the ruin, in whatever order.

If you find the ruin first, remember to keep a few soldiers near it, to stop the enemy from taking it back.

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